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LRISS Speaks Up: Let Your Voice Be Heard

LRISS contributes to many processes and meetings. Read this article for examples of how we speak up about invasive species. We encourage everyone to support causes like invasives t

LRISS Contributes to the Local Economy

Not for profits contribute to local economies. Thank you to Vantage Point for this great infographic that shows how BC not for profits contribute to employment, GDP and BC's econom

Invasive Insects

LRISS is lucky not to have these insects yet. Please report all potential sightings!

Invasive Fish

Invasive Fish can devastate native fish populations. Report all sightings to the RAPP line!

Giant Hogweed vs Hákwa7: How to tell the difference.

Invasive Giant Hogweed has a sap than can burn your skin. It is hard to tell the difference between the invasive Giant Hogweed and native Cow Parsnip locally known as Hákwa7

Invasive Bugs

LRISS can connect you to the professionals that will identify what insects are invasive and information on how to remove them.

Happy Holidays 2018

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday!

Invasives & Fall Clean-up

October's article focuses on tips to prevent the spread of invasives while in the process of harvest and fall clean-up.

Invasives & Pets

Invasives can attach to our furry friends causing irritation and other issues. Invasives can hitch-hike on their fur and establish in new places. Check out our September newsletter

Thanks to RiverMonster Adventures!

RiverMonster Adventures is a sturgeon fishing guide in Lillooet operating on the scenic Fraser River. They took the LRISS crew out on their boat to sample for invasive mussels. As

LRISS August Newsletter: New Local Plantwise Guidebook

Check out our new local Guidebook produced in collaboration with Splitrock Environmental. In this newsletter, we highlight this partnership and other projects we are doing with St&

Play,Clean,Go in the Summertime!

It is time to have some summer fun! You can prevent invasive species by learning to Play,Clean,Go! Simple things can help to stop invasive species in YOUR tracks.  Help the Li

June Newsletter: Be Plantwise

Tips for gardeners and landscapers on how to avoid planting and spreading invasive plants.

Save The Date

The Lillooet Regional Invasive Species Society would like to invite you to our Annual General Meeting. Protecting our unique ecosystems in Lillooet takes the help of the whole comm

Weeds Hiding In Seeds

It is that time of the year again when LRISS would like to remind everyone about invasive  plan

2017 LRISS Activity Update

An update on LRISS activities in 2017. A full report will be available at our AGM in May.

Get Connected with LRISS!

How can you get connected to LRISS? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and yes, we have email and a phone number too. If you are reading this you've also found our website: ww

Strategic Meeting

You are invited to a strategic planning session hosted by the Lillooet Regional Invasive Species Society.   March 14, Lillooet Rec Centre Mezzanine, 1:30-4:30   In th

Be Travelwise - Avoid Invasive Hitchhikers

When traveling this winter on your tropical get-away. Be travelwise and avoid taking or bringing back invasive hitchhikers.

Protect BC Waters from Aquatic Hitchhikers

Clean. Drain. Dry. Principles: CLEAN off all plant parts, animals, and mud from boat and equipment (e.g. boots, waders, fishing gear). Use power wash station if available. DRA

Hunting Season is Just Around the Corner

The Lillooet area is an amazing place to enjoy the great outdoors. Outdoor enthusiasts have so many activities to choose from. There are awesome trails for hiking, mountain biking

Hazards of Soil Movement

Invasive species are easily spread through the relocation of soil and compost, hay mulch and grass seed. (Photo credits: Soil photo from, Fire Ant by Sean McCann)

Treatment of Invasive Species

Treatment of Invasive Species: Best Practices for Successful Management (Large site of Orange Hawkweed. Photo credit: It will come as no surprise to many pe

Workshop & Training Event Well-Attended

LRISS, St'at'imc Government Services and P'egp'ig'lha Council-T'it'q'et hosted a 2 day workshop and training event on May 16 & 17 at the P'egp'ig'lha Centre.  The Rural Di

Invasive Cartoons - Fun for All.

Who doesn't like to watch cartoons?  LRISS has recently tapped into the website called PowToon to create short animated videos about invasives. Our Executive Director designed

Seedy Saturday 2017 declared

Lillooet Food Matters is hosting their annual Seedy Saturday and has declared the event "Invasives-Free".  LFM has asked all of the participants not to sell or share invasive

Invasive Mussels closer to BC!

On November 30, 2016, the Governor for Montana declared a state of emergency for Montana's water bodies because invasive mussel larvae had been detected in the Canyon Ferry and Tib

Outreach at the Marble Canyon Campground and Lions Fishing Derby

LRISS had an awesome day doing outreach on Sunday, August 7. We first went to the Marble Canyon Campground and set up an info booth by the entrance. We had a great time talking wit

Outreach at the Haylmore Site

It was a fantastic event at the Haylmore Site in Gold Bridge on July 31st, 2016! A wine and cheese reception, showcasing William Matthews beautiful landcape paintings, was hosted

Tourism Kiosk Partnership

.Check out our new sign at the District of Lillooet's rest stop at the top of Station Hill.  We partnered with the District of Lillooet and Lillooet Naturalist Society in this

Bridge River Valley Survey

. LRISS is very interested to hear from Bridge River Valley residents! We have put a short survey out to help us focus our work in your area. It is helpful for us understand what

George M. Murray Elementary Weed Warriors

. On October 22nd, as part of a Stewardship Day, 80 George M. Murray school children partook in a competition to see which class could pull the most knapweed at the Upper Spawning

Invasive species week

LRISS is celebrating Invasive species week with the following events: Film night: The Lillooet Recreation Center is sponsoring the presentation of "The Silent Invasion", An Oregon

Walking with the Smolts

May 30 & 31: Walk through the invasive species tunnel. The "smolts" (children) will experience a simulation of the impacts that invasive species, "rock snot" and knapweed, have