How do Burdock Burrs get around?

What is Burdock? 

It is an invasive plant that forms a new plant in the first year and then develops purple flowers in the second year. After flowering, burr seed heads are formed. The burrs are up to 1 inch in diameter and have small hooks making it very easy for them to attach to animal fur or clothing. Leaves are dark green on the top and woolly underneath. They are wavy-edged and can grow up to 30 cm in the lower stem portion. Burdock is found throughout the LRISS region and prefers disturbed areas. Remove it in the first year so it does not produce the burr-seed. 

Burdock burrs can attach to animals and cause irritation to the skin and eyes.


It also causes mortality to song birds and bats.



Thank you to Ian Routley for the bat photo and Millie Coleing for the Warbler caught in burdock. 

Other photos by J.Rasmussen.