Resources and Links

Additional Links and Resources

Invasive committees operate invasive species programs in a specific region. Committee activities vary from on-the-ground management of invasive plants and/or species, community outreach and partnerships. Links to these organizations can be found on our Partner Page.

These sites can help you identify what values you have on your property (like wildlife), why they are important and how to protect them from invasives.

  • BC Frogwatch Program
  • BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer: This Ministry of Environment site allows you to search for plants or animals that are designated at risk due to a variety of reasons like low population numbers or lack of habitat.
  • E-Fauna BC An in-depth database of animals, including invasive species, in BC.
  • E-Flora BC: An in-depth database of plants, including invasive species, in BC.
  • BC Grasslands Conservation Council: GCC is dedicated to uncovering the complexity and abundance of grasslands, sharing that information, and supporting policies and practices to protect them.