What do invasive plants look like when they first sprout?

The best time to get rid of invasive plants is when they first emerge. It is easiest to identify a plant when it is flowering. However, if you wait until it flowers, the chances of it going to seed, is a lot higher. Some invasives develop seeds even if you pull them as they are flowering. Yes, their survival instinct is that strong.

These photos show invasive plants in the very beginning stages. Learning to identify invasive plants at all stages of life even when they are dead, can help get rid of them. If you need help to identify a plant, feel free to send photos to info@Lriss.ca. Check out our website for the full plant photos of these species. www.LRISS.ca

Burdock Dalmatian Toadflax Blueweed
Hoary Cress Knapweed Oxeye Daisy