Garden Planning minus the Invasive Plants

Gardening planning at this time of the year can offer warm thoughts of spring planting and colourful flowers. LRISS is here to help you avoid plants that can take over your garden. Invasive plants can not only take over your garden but they can spread to your neighbours’ yard too. Seeds, roots and runners will spread the plants but rodents and deer can also spread the seed. Speaking of seed, it is important to make sure that invasives are not hiding in seed packages. 


Tips to avoid invasives when planning your garden:

  • Learn how to ID invasives. Go to or
  • Seed Certificate: Shows invasives in seed batches. Ask your supplier.
  • Wildflower mixes: Avoid mixes unless they show all the species.



                   Mountain Bluet                                                                  English Ivy


              Oxeye Daisy                                                                                      Donkeytail Spurge


Images by J. Rasmussen