Invasive Plant Spotlight: Giant Hogweed vs. Hákwa7 (Cow Parsnip)

How do you tell the difference between Giant Hogweed and Hákwa7 (Cow Parsnip)? 

The invasive plant called Giant Hogweed is the cousin to the native Cow Parsnip known locally as Hákwa7.

Both plants can cause burns to the skin but Giant Hogweed is invasive and is not known to be found in our area. Only the native Hákwa7 is found locally and we’d like to make sure that Giant Hogweed does not spread here from the coastal areas. 

It is important to know how to tell the difference between these two cousin plants so that the terrible invasive can be reported and removed if found. The following photos show the different plant parts and their differences. For a very good video, please search Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver, Hogweed versus Cow Parsnip on Youtube starring Jen Grenz.