LRISS Work a Go For Summer 2020!

LRISS is ready to go to work this summer. All of our staff and contract crews are back and work has already begun. In May, Transition Forestry crews removed Hoary Cress sites because they flower early. Xaxlí’p Community Forest Crews will be removing burdock in the valley later in June. Our staff will start July 2nd. Two full days of training will review invasive species identification, field data collection and all of the COVID-19 protocols and safety measures. LRISS has updated safety training to include personal protective equipment-mask use, vehicle disinfecting procedures, exposure control and of course, hand washing. We are adapting all of our activities to keep our staff safe.

Most of our activities will remain the same this year despite COVID. Field activities include the manual removal of invasive plants, water sampling for invasive mussels and monitoring the work of our contractors. Outreach will focus on the door to door delivery of Home Kit Packages. Year 3 will be within the District of Lillooet. These packages have information about invasive species, FireSmart, emergency preparedness and bear aware. Our staff will be practicing social distancing. The bags can be hung on door knobs. In the past, we’ve asked people a few questions if they are home. This year, we’ll respect all comfort levels and have options to connect with people. We are all looking forward to a productive 2020 field season!