LRISS Contributes to the Local Economy

Not for profits make significant contributions to BC’s economy and LRISS is no exception. A Vantage Point working group put together a document called British Columbia’s Non-Profit Sector is Vast in Size, Scope, and Impact (updated June 2020) to show the contributions that not for profits (NFP) make to BC’s economy. Vantage Point’s purpose is to support the people working in the not for profit sector including staff & boards. These statistics were nothing short of impressive.

BC’s NFP sector is making significant contributions by way of gross domestic product (GDP), employment and revenues. There are over 29,000 NFP’s in BC that contribute $6.4 billion to BC’s GDP. Accommodation & food services, by comparison, contributes $7.9 billion. NFP’s employ 86,000 people & 74% of them are women. Vantage Point reports that 2800 NFP’s have over $1 million in revenue. 

LRISS has our own impressive statistics to share that show we are contributing to our local economy. LRISS has been in operation as a NFP since 2011 and has hired 18 staff over these 9 years. 

We have always prioritized purchasing from local businesses & hiring local people & contractors. Since 2016, we have hired 4 local companies to remove invasives amounting to $115,140 of employment dollars. This does not include the money paid to staff in wages (over $400,000). We also hire local bookkeeping professionals.

LRISS continues to work with local businesses, NFP’s, and St’át’imc communities to promote, train, & build capacity to keep locals working in our community.