Asian Giant Hornet

Invasive Species Feature 

In August 2019, three Asian Giant Hornets were found near Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. This is the first time it was found in BC. So far this species has not established itself in BC. As spring approaches, it will be good to keep an eye out for these hornets. 


ID: Worker hornets are 3.5 cm & queens are up to 5cm in length. Their heads are large & orange with black eyes. 

BE AWARE: If stung, do not rub the site. Seek medical attention if  stung multiple times and/or any allergic symptoms appear. 

INFO: Hornets will attack only if their nest is disturbed in the ground. BC Min of Ag has a Fact Sheet for more info. 

LOOK-ALIKES: There are other insects in BC that are large and look like the hornet including: Bald faced hornet, Yellow jacket, Horntail wasp, & Elm Sawfly.