Horses & Invasives

Invasive Plants that could harm your horse include: Hoary Alyssum, Hounds Tongue& Burdock. Hoary Alyssum shown below and Hound’s tongue above can be toxic if eaten. Burdock burrs can attach to manes & tails and cause eye irritations and infections. More photos of these plants can be found on

Horses and their owners usually know about invasive plants for a number of negative reasons: a sick horse, burrs or a plant taking over the paddock. A few tips can help to prevent these situations:

  • Know how to identify invasive plants.
  • Remove small patches of invasive plants.
  • Remove burrs and plant material from your horse and tack.
  • Groom your horse and clean your gear before riding in a new area.
  • Stay on designated trails.

Know where you buy your hay: try and get it from invasive-free sources.