Scentless Chamomile (Matricaria perforata)

A daisy that grows up to a metre tall with smooth, narrow lance-shaped leaves. The leaves have a fern-like look. This plant can be an annual, biennial or short-lived perennial. Flowering occurs from May to October. It was introduced from Europe. Each plant can produce up to 1 million seeds. It reproduces only by seed.


Habitat & Ecology

Scentless chamomile can grow from low to mid elevations in BC. It grows along shorelines, roadsides, disturbed areas and in forage crop fields.


It can reduce yields in hayfields, pastures and crops. It is not palatable to livestock. It can grow well in areas that have flooding and organic soils. It can take over pond, stream and riparian areas.


Hand pulling can manage small patches especially before it sets seed. Any treatment that removes the plant before it sets seed like digging, mowing, tillage can be effective. Monitoring of the site is necessary to ensure that no new plants emerge after treatment. There are also 2 weevils that have been released to manage infestations.  All other treatment questions, contact LRISS.


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