Common Bugloss (Anchusa officinalis L.)

A biennial or perennial invasives with deep purple-blue flowers on the ends of coiled inflorescence. The coils open exposing the tubular flowers. Lance shaped leaves are covered in stiff hair and succulent. It grows between 30 and 80cm tall with angular stems. It spreads by seed and root fragments will also grow plants. A single plant can produce up to 900 seeds per year.


Habitat & Ecology

Commonly found on roadsides and disturbed areas that are fertile, lime-free and well-drained soils. It reduces yield in pasture and hay lands.


It spreads into hayfields and causes baled hay to go moldy because of the succulent leaves.


Small patches can be hand-pulled and best before it produces seed. It is easier to pull small plants because the taproot has not fully developed. Fire, cutting and mowing can reduce seed set but the plants may still re-grow from the root. Please contact LRISS for all other treatment information.


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