Baby’s Breath (Gypsophila paniculata)

Tumbleweed perennial growing up to 1m tall. Originally from Europe and now grown for floral arrangements. Small white flowers with slender leaves covered in a powdery white film.  Spreads by seed only. Each plant produces up to 13,000 seeds.


Habitat & Ecology

Baby’s Breath prefers disturbed areas including roadsides, grasslands and pastures. It grows on sandy, alkaline soils.


Due to the enormous amount of seeds it produces, this plant can spread quickly and take over pastures, roadsides and grasslands. It can reduce the forage for cattle and wildlife on grasslands.


It is best to remove small patches of this plant before it sets seed. It is possible to cut the entire crown of the plant with a very low risk that any regrowth will occur. Please contact LRISS for all other treatment information.


Southern Interior Weed Management Committee. 2016. Invasive Plants of the Southern Interior BC.